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07/26/2010 - Battle DJ Scottie Pimpin’

by Kevin Spracklin

Owner Showtime Music/ODA

 This Saturday night wasn’t like others.  I just finished a wedding reception and headed over to The Club Seville to check out Hip-hop DJ Scottie Pimpin’ this definitely wasn’t my neck of the woods but hey,  I am a seasoned DJ with over 5,000 gigs under my belt, I have spoken in front of thousands of people and organized huge pressure packed events. But tonight really opened my eyes to the other Side of Dj’n

Arrive @ 11:15pm, the club is packed and no where to park, so like everyone else I use my imagination and squeeze in between a curb and a Caddy.  Security is pretty tight and they have the bar and parking lot on lock down.  No I.D required, because I am pretty sure I do look like a 40 year old white man, Door man checks his list and Scottie Pimpin’ has me down. 

After a bit I start to ask S.P. questions about DJ’n, how he learned and what his strengths were etc.

Now, I  am pretty good at observing but I really wanted to focus on what his strengths were and what set him apart from other DJ’s,  After a bit I noticed I wasn’t getting much out of him and almost felt like I was intruding.  So what’s a man gotta do to open the door a little bit? Yep, Crown and Coke and the bartender made  2 tall ones.  So after a bit I realized what was really going on with S.P.

He was straight up in a dog fight and dug in for the night. Seriously, Him against the whole room, and he wasn’t about to lose this fight. 

Quote  S.P. “Man it’s a dog fight in here, if you’re not on you’re a game they will tear you apart”

K.S.  In my opinion this gives him an aura, a no nonsense kinda man, people take notice and respect that.

Q:  Where Did you learn your style of DJ’ng?

A:  I taught myself, that’s why my style is so F’d up.

Q:  Why did you join a DJ crew?

A:  To Iearn and practice so I can be a better DJ.

Q:  Who are your influences?

 A: I DJ by the "Marcus of Queesnbury Standards."  I'm cut from the cloth of real DJ's.  DJ Bishop, Mo Smooth, Mario Scratch, DJ Real, Bizzy B, Mista Soull, Brasko, etc. I come from that lineage.

Crowdrocka Certified.

S.P was constantly going back and forth from one Pioneer turntable to another, and not to mention pushing buttons and knobs every other micro second with the precision of a skilled surgeon.  For a moment I was lost in pure DJ heaven.  When I asked where he gets his music he just shrugs, and the reason I asked this is because I have never heard of one song he played, and I will put my music knowledge up against anyone.  S.P. goes on to tell me he isn’t sure where these people hear the songs he plays because they’re not on the radio, He doesn’t even use a set list to reference. While going through the knobs and buttons perfecting every beat, pitch, effect, BPM you name it, he still has time to scroll through a song list with his right hand while the left continues the fight. I got the feeling he was guarding some DJ secrets when it came to his set list, because music is easy to get but a set list in a club like the Seville is like finding the Holy Grail.  Most DJ’s would die to have S.P.’s set list, but good luck because it’s all in his head dancing around to a perfect beat.

After a few sets and being very content with what I came to see, I get another drink, while standing in line the music just stops for at least 30 seconds, this is like a bomb going off usually for a DJ, the biggest no-no a DJ can make, so I brace for the cat calls people yelling at the DJ or just an awkward silence. But the music goes on and everyone continues dancing and socializing like it never happened.

Let me tell you I have been in this situation and it’s not fun. So I get back to the booth and ask what happened, he just keeps adjusting knobs and then finally says, aw that was just some booty bouncing into my rig.

That’s when it hit me; the people that came to this club really respect their DJ and know that there is no way in hell that that dead air was his fault. Scottie Pimpin’ is a machine and too damn good of a DJ to have something like that happen on his watch and the people at the bar know it.

Just as I am about ready to leave a fight breaks out, a drink flies up in the air S.P. and I reach for the laptop and whatever else we can save at the same exact time.  Knowing full well this could be the end of a great night with 1 hour to go and the end of his DJ rig and his livelihood.

Luckily we escaped without anything being broken, just a hard drive and CPU out of whack for a few min.

As calm and cool as S.P. was all night he handles this the same way. Reboot s CPU and hard drive, So I proceed to get on the mic, calling out shot specials and telling people to tip the bar staff and buy their DJ  a drink and sure enough he has 2 before you can blink an eye. Back to business as usual.

Going into the night I knew I was going to observe a good DJ, but S.P. really opened my eyes to what can be normally a bad situation for most DJ’s and make it seem really flawless, at the Club Seville there is no room for errors, top 40 music, or bad skillz on the turntable, you have to be the man in charge of the whole vibe going on, people are looking to you for money well spent in their favorite club. I walk away knowing I just saw one of the best DJ’ shows I have seen in some time. It wasn’t the music that made it for me, but the whole symphony, the crowd in perfect motion, A DJ hitting on all cylinders making music into art.

There are a lot of different kinds of DJ’s, radio DJ, Wedding DJ, KJ, Rave DJ, hip hop, turntablelist etc.

Scottie Pimpin’ In my opinion is a master Blender and transitionist with very good scratching skillz, what sets him apart from other talented DJ’s is reading the crowd and giving them what they want all night long.  He doesn’t say a lot on the mic or even say a lot to people in the club. He just speaks by his actions in the DJ booth.  The fact that I wasn’t into the music or the scene He left me wanting for more, and that’s the mark of a great DJ.

 DJ Profile:

Tommie Lemon


Occupation: full time DJ

Master Blender & Transitionist

Very good scratching skillz

Master crowd reader

Good mic skillz

Crowd /Rocker DJ

Sparc Entertainment

*DJ Gear: 2 Pioneer turntables, DDM 4000 Mixer, Seratao DJ program, Laptop

*Self Taught

*Practices every other week with his DJ crew to learn and get better at his trade.

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I love me some DJ Scottie Pimpin, if I could go out every weekend to flashbacks I would. He is a professional ...... He plays good music and his skills are 5 🌟's.

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April 09, 2015 by alice verser

It is remarkable, rather amusing information

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April 11, 2012 by cialis

Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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January 22, 2011 by Dootlyanymn

Good to see Scottie getting the love he deserves!

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July 27, 2010 by DJ ANIMALE

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